Making Companies Pay When Greed Causes Harm

After decades of dumping toxic waste, PG&E had created a health hazard. Groundwater poisoned by chromium 6 was causing cancer in residents near Pacific Gas & Electric’s plant. The company had known since the 1920s that the chemical was dangerous, but they dumped 350 million gallons of chromium 6. It was cheaper to dump the hazardous chemicals than to protect people and the environment.

Known as the Erin Brockovich case, the toxic tort case outgrew the small firm headed by her employer, attorney Edward Masry, and he brought in Girardi | Keese and another firm. That case and another one known as Erin Brockovich II forced PG&E to pay compensation to victims of their toxic dumping.

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Our trial lawyers have the resources and ability to go after big companies.

When big companies increase their profits at the expense of people’s health and welfare, our personal injury lawyers fight back with toxic tort lawsuits that hold the companies accountable for what they have done.

  • Lockheed workers assigned to the skunkworks building the Stealth bomber were exposed to toxic chemicals. Barrels of solvents, primers and epoxies carried no warnings. In a toxic tort lawsuit, we sued the oil companies that supplied the chemicals that caused cancer in the workers.
  • A cement manufacturer knew that the dust created in the manufacturing process was dangerous, even lethal. They did nothing to protect workers against a known threat. We sued on behalf of the workers.

Corporate greed can make people sick and kill innocent victims. Too many companies are making money at the expense of their employees and their neighbors. Our attorneys work hard to investigate and litigate toxic tort cases.

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