Yaz: Don’t Believe the Advertising

Drug companies use creative advertising to market their products. In the case of Yaz, the creativity went beyond what the FDA approved or what the manufacturer could prove. In short, the manufacturer – Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals – overstated the benefits of the birth control pill.

Of even more concern to women taking Yaz are the side effects, including pulmonary embolism, blood clotting, deep vein thrombosis – in other words, life-threatening blood clots. At the Girardi | Keese law firm, our attorneys have investigated Yaz and we are prepared to take Bayer to court for the damage they have done to patients taking Yaz.

Yaz and Yasmin have similar life-threatening problems.

Bayer makes Yaz and Yasmin. Yasmin is a birth control pill taken every day. With Yaz, patients take the pill once every 24 days. Judging from advertising (always a bad idea), Yaz and Yasmin make life better in many ways.

Bayer was ordered to cease showing two of the ads that overstated benefits and went beyond the FDA-approved uses of Yaz. This carelessness is an indication to our lawyers and medical experts that Bayer is willing to push the truth when talking about a drug that could cause serious problems.

Patients taking Yaz and Yasmin have reported a wide range of side effects. The most serious involve blood clotting that can lead to hospitalization, surgery and, in the worst cases, death.

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