DePuy Hip Implant Defect Lawyers

Within months of the first implantation of a DePuy ASR hip implant, there were reports of problems. Every year since 2006, more and more failures have been reported, and an Australian study concluded that the failure rate of the ASR (Articular Surface Replacement) was significantly higher than hip implants sold by other manufacturers. In fact, one in every eight DePuy ASR XL Acetabular Systems failed within five years.

Now, victims of DePuy hip implant defects are sending a message to Johnson & Johnson, the parent company of DePuy Orthopaedics Inc.: We will not accept it. And some of the verdicts and settlements in these hip implant cases are reaching in the millions of dollars.

It’s Not Too Late To Bring A Lawsuit For Your Defective Hip Implant!

The first DePuy hip implant trials hit courts in the spring of 2013, but it is not too late to bring a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson for your faulty hip implant. Contact the DePuy hip implant attorneys at Girardi | Keese to discuss your case. Call 800-401-4530 or send us an email today.

DePuy ASR Hip Implant Recall

Johnson & Johnson brought the DePuy ASR hip implant system to market in 2005. Yet, it wasn’t until the device had been surgically implanted in more than 90,000 people that Johnson & Johnson acknowledged the outcries of the medical community and pulled the ASR from the market. The DePuy ASR hip implant was finally recalled on Aug. 26, 2010, months after DePuy had issued a warning to doctors and patients that the early failure rates for its hip implant were abnormally high.

How Did The ASR Hip Implant Differ From Other Hip Replacements?

The ASR hip implant was unusual in design and execution. It was presented to the Food and Drug Administration as a group of components that would be used for total hip replacement, and DePuy asked that the implant be approved on an accelerated basis because it was “substantially equivalent” to other hip products that were available.

In fact, the ASR system was different from other products in several respects. Most importantly, DePuy ASR used a metal acetabular cup and a metal femoral ball. Most hip implants use a plastic cup or liner; this prevents metal from rubbing on metal. The ASR was designed to have a metal ball and a metal cup bearing all the pressure that the human body places on the hip joint.

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