A Small Defect Can Mean Total Deafness for a Child

Cochlear ear implants offer great hope for the hearing impaired. After a cochlear implant, many children with serious hearing problems are able to hear normally.

But when the company that makes the cochlear ear implants makes a mistake, the result can be a lifetime of total deafness. The company needs to be held accountable for their negligence. The product liability attorneys at Girardi | Keese in California have the experience to gather the necessary evidence and try the lawsuit in court.

Two companies are responsible for defective cochlear ear implants.

The defective cochlear implants were marketing and sold by Advanced Bionics Corporation. The defective seal that went to the implants was made by Astroseal Products. Advanced Bionics cannot lay the blame fully on their supplier. Both share responsibility for negligence.

At Girardi | Keese, our sympathies and our work efforts are fully on the side of children who were given hope of hearing and then lost the small amount of hearing they had. This is a mistake that has a lifetime impact on the child and the child’s family.

When making medical devices, the companies involved need to understand the very human costs of what may seem like a simple mistake. In the case of cochlear implants with defective seals, the costs go far beyond money. Financial compensation, however, is the remedy available – and our product liability lawyers fight for maximum compensation for every client.

Over the past 40 years, our law firm has recovered more then $3 billion for clients. If you have questions about our experience or about a cochlear implant lawsuit, contact us.


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