Getting Compensation for Defective Medical Devices

Mistakes happen, but when you are the manufacturer of a medical device, you need to find your mistakes before they become a source of serious injury to patients. At Girardi | Keese, we hold manufacturers accountable when they create defective medical devices that harm individuals.

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Representative Cases Involving Defective Medical Devices

Over the past four decades, our lawyers have investigated a number of unsafe medical devices. Two current examples stand out:

In these cases, we have represented children who suffered profound deafness as a result of defective seals in Cochlear ear implants, and adults who live in pain and needed additional surgery after receiving a DePuy ASR Hip Implant.

Information About Hip Implants

What Causes Product Defects in Medical Devices?

Product defects are usually the result of rushing a product to market without careful product design as well as testing the way it will be used and the individual component parts that go into the product. Our attorneys have extensive experience investigating defective medical devices and taking cases to court.

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Girardi | Keese attorneys have the medical knowledge and the resources to hold defective medical device manufacturers financially responsible for the damage they have caused. Contact us to discuss your defective medical device case. We represent clients in California and nationwide in select cases.


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