Broken Bones Are Not Always Simple Fractures

Our bodies are dependent on the wholesomeness of the structure, the strength of the bones. In most cases, bones are resilient and a bone fracture will heal within several weeks or a few months and the patient can return to a normal life. Some fractures, however, take many months to heal. Others never fully heal.

Insurance companies and their doctors would like to believe that all fractures are simple and heal quickly, but at the Girardi | Keese law firm, our personal injury lawyers have seen many cases of complex fractures that change the lives of accident victims. To learn how we can help you recover compensation for your fracture injury, call 800-401-4530 or send us an email.

When fractures are complex, there are costs in time, pain and money.

A broken bone can happen in all types of situations — a surgical error, hospital or nursing home fall; a car, truck or motorcycle accident; a playground or amusement park accident. Any fracture should have immediate medical attention. Some take extensive treatment, surgery and rehabilitation.

  • A child’s wrist was broken on the growth plate, the place where new bone is generated. A growth plate fracture on the arm can cause the arms to grow unequally. The body compensates for unequal growth, causing additional problems. The condition requires a long course of therapy and surgery as the child grows.
  • Complex breaks and multiple fractures can often require surgery and the use of plates, rods and screws to secure the bones. Rehabilitation is needed as well as on-going medical care. A skull fracture can carry the additional danger of brain injury.
  • During hip replacement surgery, a surgeon broke a bone. The break caused pain and suffering, the need for additional surgery and an extended period of healing and rehabilitation.

Our attorneys understand medical issues and know the right experts to consult in complicated bone fracture cases. Contact us to discuss an accident or malpractice that caused a bone fracture. We represent clients in California and nationwide.


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