Keeping Dangerous Tires Off the Road

The message manufacturers and retailers seem to understand better than any other is money. At the Girardi | Keese law firm, our trial lawyers work to keep dangerous tires off the road by taking manufacturers and retailers to court when dire defects cause serious accidents and injuries.

When an accident is caused by a sudden de-tread at high speed or because of a tire that failed for no obvious reason, our products liability attorneys work with experts to find the truth behind the tire failure — and the cause of serious injuries.

Tell Your Story to a Product Liability Lawyer

We hear the story far too often, when product defects happen, real people suffer. For more than 40 years, our product liability attorneys have fought passionately for the rights of the innocent and injured. Please contact us online or call (213) 997-0211 to speak with one of our experienced product liability litigators.

Retailers know that old tires are defective and should not be sold.

When a tire has been stacked in inventory for six years or more, the retailer knows that the tire cannot be safely used and should not be sold. The rubber in a tire weakens over time and oxidizes. An unsuspecting driver could be driving at highway speeds when the tire suddenly de-treads causing the driver to lose control of the car and possibly crash.

At Girardi | Keese, our lawyers have filed lawsuits against manufacturers who failed to provide warnings and retailers who knowingly sold unsafe tires. We have also worked with consumer advocates to change the laws regulating tire safety.

The manufacturing history could explain why a tire failed.

By knowing the technology and consulting with tire experts, our lawyers investigate when and how a tire defect occurred. We go over the design drawings, look at the specs, and examine the manufacturing methods. Every tire is marked with the date of manufacture and the plant identification.

Our findings are used to get compensation for people who have been injured because of tire defects caused by defective design or manufacturing defects. If rubber is not properly heated in the lamination process, for example, that can cause air bubbles and a loss of adhesion with the steel cords that strengthen the tire. That failure in the manufacturing process can mean serious injury or wrongful death on a highway. In one case, the date of manufacture coincided with a strike when workers sabotaged tires.

If you suspect a tire defect caused an accident, contact us for an appointment. Any car accident may have an auto defect component. Our attorneys have the resources and experience to find out. We represent clients in California and nationally.


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