Working for Safer Sporting Equipment

At Girardi | Keese, we are committed to making recreational products safer. That means we take a hard look at unsafe products and hold the manufacturer accountable for the injuries caused by product defects.

When the steering fork on a mountain bike fails, leaving the biker with handlebars that are unconnected to the bike, our lawyers want to know why. When the glass in protective eyewear breaks and lacerates an eye, we want to know why. Any time someone is injured because of a recreational product defect, our personal injury attorneys want to know why.

Tell Your Story to a Product Liability Lawyer

We hear the story far too often, when product defects happen, real people suffer. For more than 40 years, our product liability attorneys have fought passionately for the rights of the innocent and injured. Please contact us online or call (213) 997-0211 to speak with one of our experienced product liability litigators.

A helmet should never crack. A helmet that cracks is defective.

In a go-cart accident, motorcycle accident, bike accident or ski accident, a helmet should not crack. Helmets are supposed to withstand hits and protect the head. A crack in a helmet indicates a design or manufacturing defect. In a recent case, we worked with experts to design and carry out drop studies of 10 helmets. Our studies proved that our client’s injuries were due to a manufacturing defect in the helmet.

Recreational product defects — such as a defective helmet — put people in danger every day through no fault of their own. The way to stop such injuries and deaths is to hold manufacturers accountable for the damages they cause. We do the research necessary to prove our cases in court.

Recreational product defects will end when manufacturers are held accountable.

Manufacturers sell products that they claim are safe every day. When the products are not safe, they will try to blame the user or the circumstances — never the product. It takes a determined law firm with substantial financial resources to hold them accountable. At Girardi | Keese, we ask tough questions. We hire experts. We present effective arguments in court.

Contact us about injuries caused by defective helmets, bike part defects, bike tire defects or any defective recreational equipment. We represent clients in California and nationally.


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