Using Litigation to Make Industrial Tools Safer

The workplace can be dangerous — especially when workers are using dangerous and defective machines and tools. The injuries may be dismissed as operator error. Accidents may be seen as inevitable.

Not at the Girardi | Keese law firm. Our personal injury lawyers have investigated many workplace accidents. We know that defective machines and unsafe tools are frequently to blame for serious injuries and wrongful death.

Tell Your Story to a Product Liability Lawyer

We hear the story far too often, when product defects happen, real people suffer. For more than 40 years, our product liability attorneys have fought passionately for the rights of the innocent and injured. Please contact us online or call (213) 997-0211 to speak with one of our experienced product liability litigators.

We know government regulations and industry standards.

Our attorneys are well informed about the regulations and standards that are expected and required for industrial machines and tools. We work with OSHA and others to keep up the pressure for safe workplaces. And when a defective machine or tool injures a worker, we are there to hold the manufacturer accountable for the injuries.

When we investigate an accident involving defective machines, we look at the whole design/manufacturing chain to determine how and when the defect occurred and who was responsible. Our lawyers have experts review the design drawing, the manufacturing specs, the manufacturing process. We have 40 years of experience — and absolute dedication to protecting the rights of injured people.

When machines injure workers, talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Our law firm has a network of industry experts we consult with. When a crane collapses or a nail gun malfunctions, we want to know. We identify the product, get an exemplar copy and have it reviewed by experts. We want to know what happened and why.

Work accidents can cause life-changing disabilities and wrongful death. When a plumber properly installed and inflated a plumber’s pig to block water, the pig exploded and blinded the plumber. The cause? Improper manufacture of the rubber gasket. A plastic extruder machine exploded and injured workers? The cause? A defective machine.

In a workplace accident, contact us if you suspect a defective machine or tool was the root cause of worker injuries. We represent clients in California and nationally.


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