When the Product Label Fails to Warn

Improper labels and inadequate instructions can cause problems with how to use a product — and especially with the safe use of a product. Manufacturers need to put care into product labeling.

Girardi | Keese Class Action: Fighting for Better Labels

Labels serve many purposes. They tell us what a product is for, how to use the product and what hazards might exist. They warn us about potential problems. When a label fails to inform a consumer about a hazard, the consequences can be serious. Or the consequences may simply be a product that no longer works the way it was meant to work.

If a product label failed to give you the information you needed, contact Girardi | Keese Class Action. We will ask an experienced attorney to give an opinion about a class action lawsuit.

  • How-to-use labels: Most people would think a barbecue scrubber could be used on a warm grill, the best time to clean a grill. But that wasn’t true about a scrubber that melted. The label did not have instructions.
  • Hazard warnings: If a product generates heat when in use, the consumer needs to know and take precautions. If the product could harm someone if ingested or if splashed in the eyes or on skin, the consumer needs to know about the danger and how to deal with the danger. Product warning labeling can prevent injuries.

If you purchased a product without adequate label information, contact Girardi | Keese Class Action.


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