Fighting for Safety in Child Safety Seats

One of the saddest areas of product liability law is dealing with defective products that are meant for children. Parents buy child safety seats with the understanding that the seats will protect their children in the event of a car accident.

Unfortunately, there are defective child safety seats on the market, but the defects are often not obvious until it is too late — after an accident in which the defective child safety seat failed. Girardi | Keese lawyers have the resources, knowledge and determination to fight back against defective seats.

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We hear the story far too often, when product defects happen, real people suffer. For more than 40 years, our product liability attorneys have fought passionately for the rights of the innocent and injured. Please contact us online or call (213) 997-0211 to speak with one of our experienced product liability litigators.

Even in minor crashes, a defective child safety seat can cause serious injury.

Despite the importance of protecting babies and small children, there is very little regulation in the design of child safety seats. Industry standards are not based on science and technology. Design defects are, as a result, designed into the seats.

Girardi | Keese personal injury attorneys work with lawmakers and consumer advocates to change laws so that children have the protection they need.

We work with safety experts and engineers to hold the manufacturers of defective child safety seats accountable for the injuries they cause. In an accident, the base that holds the seat cradle may shear off — even in a low collision — and the baby becomes a flying object inside the car. The safety seat becomes a missile that throws the child into danger, often causing serious, life-changing injuries.

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