Demanding Accountability for Auto Defects Injuries

At the Girardi | Keese law firm, when we hear about a car accident, our products liability attorneys want to know everything about that accident. In 40 years of investigating and litigating auto accident cases, we know that auto defects often either cause accidents or make the injuries far worse than they should have been.

Serious injuries require substantial financial resources. When auto manufacturers sell defective cars — usually with full knowledge of those auto defects — they should be held accountable for the injuries they caused.

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We hear the story far too often, when product defects happen, real people suffer. For more than 40 years, our product liability attorneys have fought passionately for the rights of the innocent and injured. Please contact us online or call (213) 997-0211 to speak with one of our experienced product liability litigators.

Our lawyers and experts look beyond obvious car accident causes.

Auto defects have the capacity to turn a minor incident into a catastrophic accident. A sharp turn or sideswipe should not cause a dangerous rollover accident, but when the car or SUV was designed with a high center of gravity, that is likely to happen.

When a car lands on its roof, the roof should be strong enough to protect occupants belted into their seats. In one case our auto defects attorneys tried, a stronger roof would have cost $48, but the manufacturer decided that was too much to pay. Car manufacturers often understand the math. If they manufacture 185,000 cars and only 25 victims make roof crush claims, why spend the extra money? Not having sufficient occupant survivor space is an auto defect that can and does kill people.

Was the car designed for crashworthiness?

Most experts agree that a car’s doors should be able to withstand a T-bone crash — and protect the occupants. A car should have sufficient fire protection so that a rear-end collision does not cause a deadly explosion. Seat belts should not unlatch or spool out during a crash. Air bags should properly deploy. Restraint systems should protect drivers and passengers. The tires on a car should be able to withstand predictable driving circumstances.

We have an extensive library of auto defect evidence.

Girardi | Keese lawyers and other products liability attorneys in the national Automobile Information Exchange Group (AIEG) have collected millions of documents about auto defects, including depositions from auto manufacturers. That wealth of evidence is available to prove our clients’ auto defect claims.

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