Making Things Right With Class Action Lawsuits

The people who do not like class action lawsuits are running big companies with lots of lawyers at their disposal. They know that the average person, when cheated out of a relatively small amount of money, cannot afford the time and expense of an individual lawsuit.

Class action lawsuits are an important part of fairness. In a class action, people who have been similarly harmed by a big company can band together, find a law firm and file a lawsuit on behalf of the entire class of people.

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Our law firm brings together the resources to fight for consumers.

Since we opened our doors in 1965, Girardi | Keese lawyers have fought for the rights of individuals and small businesses. We do not represent large companies, but they know who we are — a law firm that will not back down and a law firm with the resources and experience to coordinate massive amounts of technical, scientific and legal data.

  • In the “hot fuel” case, we led the lawsuit against companies that failed to temperature-adjust their gas pumps, a practice that cheats consumers who buy gas in hot weather.
  • Instead of charging homeowners a deductible on the value of a claim, an insurance company required a deductible on the full value of the policy. That meant homeowners could not be reimbursed for most claims. We fought against that insurance company.
  • A health insurance company we battled looked for every loophole it could find to deny claims even on policies that were several years old. Called “post-claims underwriting,” the practice left people without the health insurance they thought they had when they needed it most.
  • We were the first law firm to file a lawsuit to stop the use of Vioxx, a drug that is now off the market. We are leading the fight against other dangerous, defective prescription drugs, including Avandia, Byetta, Yaz, Yasmin, Fosamax, Ortho Evra, Hormone Replacement Therapy and Gadolinium.

Big companies would prefer to fight consumers one at a time, knowing that most people cannot launch a major drug recall, consumer protection or other lawsuit on their own. Class action lawsuits level the playing field and give consumers the leverage they need against companies that harm consumers physically and financially.

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