Dealing With the Trauma of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are among the worst injuries we have ever seen at Girardi | Keese. A burn injury is a life-altering injury.

Our personal injury attorneys admire the courage of burn injury victims, and we consider it our privilege to help victims recover the financial resources necessary for extensive medical care, loss of income and the extraordinary pain and suffering — including psychological suffering — due to burns caused by negligence.

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Our law firm can direct burn victims to medical resources.

Because of our experience in representing burn injury victims, our trial lawyers have access to some of the finest physicians and burn centers available. Their advice and expert testimony also helps us explain to insurance companies and juries the extent of the injuries, the needed surgery and scar management, and the psychological effects that the victims carry with them through life.

  • In a helicopter crash, a woman was able to run to safety. She ran back into the fiery crash, however, to rescue her daughter. The daughter was safe, but the mother suffered extensive burns.
  • A young girl was badly burned and had a severely scarred hand. As she grew older, she dreaded the thought of a boy trying to hold her scarred hand.

A house fire accident, a car fire injury, a chemical burn or an explosion from a defective product can cause immediate pain, but the pain that is most difficult is the residual pain that comes with surgery and scarring.

At the Girardi | Keese law firm, our lawyers represent burn victims in California and nationwide. Contact us to discuss a burn injury case.


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