Legal Issues in Aircraft Maintenance

The FAA has strict rules about aircraft maintenance — and for good reasons. Negligent maintenance is often a factor in aircraft crashes. Little mistakes in maintenance can turn into a devastating problem in the air.

Girardi | Keese attorneys have worked with experts to investigate aircraft accidents in California, throughout the US and internationally. Our investigations always include close scrutiny of maintenance logs and routines. While the answers are rarely simple in a complicated aircraft accident, negligent maintenance is often involved.

Negligent maintenance may be one of many factors or the primary factor.

It is too easy to find one factor in an aircraft accident and quit investigating. At Girardi | Keese, our trial lawyers want to know all the causes. The survivors of aviation injuries and the families of those killed in accidents deserve to know the full story.

  • By knowing every cause, we are also able to hold all responsible parties liable and assure adequate and fair compensation for the victims.
  • Not performing a complete inspection at mandated intervals can run the risk of component failure in the air — and a tragic accident.
  • When general aviation owners and operators delay maintenance in order to meet deadlines and adhere to schedules, negligent maintenance can cause a crash.
  • Mechanic certification is required for the specific type of plane. The wrong certification can cause errors in maintenance.
  • When different maintenance companies work on a plane, important safety checks can be missed.

Negligent maintenance is usually not obvious until the aircraft is in the air and in trouble. If our investigation shows negligent maintenance as the cause of an accident, we have no hesitation in taking the maintenance company to court.

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