Where Is the Best Venue for an International Case?

All aviation accidents are complicated cases. Where they happen is important, but where they are tried can make all the difference in the compensation awarded to injured people and the families of people who were killed in the accident.

At Girardi | Keese, our lawyers have the experience and ability to handle aviation accident cases no matter where in the world they occurred. Our objectives are to get to the truth of what happened and achieve fair and just compensation for our clients. That often means trying the case in the United States whenever possible.

Girardi | Keese has represented victims and families of victims of aviation accidents occurring all over the world, including the recent crashes of Egypt Air Flight 804 (Cairo, Egypt to Paris, France), Fly Dubai Flight FZ-981 (Russia), Metro Jet Flight 9268 (Egypt), Germanwings Flight 4U-9525 (France), LAM Flight TM-470 (Namibia), Tatarstan Air Flight U9363 (Russia), Ethiopian Air Flight 409 (Lebanon), Air France Flight 407 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Paris, France), and TAM Airlines Flight 3054 (Brazil).

Experienced attorneys and experts are essential in an aviation accident case.

When dealing with an international plane crash, the most qualified experts and lawyers are quite likely to be in the United States. The cases are complex. Experts need to spend hundreds of hours sorting through the crash evidence to determine all the causes.

Girardi | Keese attorneys are often sought for international aviation accident cases because of our experience, our determination to get to the truth and our insistence on getting the compensation the plane crash injury survivors and the families of victims need to deal with the devastation.

We know the questions to ask and the experts to consult. We have the financial resources to follow the case wherever it may lead. And we care about clients whose lives were changed by a plane crash.

To discuss an international air accident, contact us. We represent clients in California, nationally and internationally.


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