How Did the Helicopter Accident Happen?

In every aviation accident case, the question needs to be answered: How and why did this accident happen? Finding the answers is essential in order to find justice for aviation injury and wrongful death victims.

The attorneys at Girardi | Keese have the experience, expert investigators and witnesses, and financial resources to get to the facts in a helicopter accident case. We understand the science and engineering issues, and we know how to present an effective case in a courtroom.

Our lawyers ask the right experts the right questions.

Because we have decades of experience with helicopter accident cases, we begin each new case with a solid base of knowledge. That saves time as we work to get to the truth of what happened. Girardi | Keese also has a well-earned reputation for presenting detailed, complex aviation accident information in an understandable manner.

Most helicopter accidents are caused by component failure or human error:

  • Design defects in the helicopter itself
  • Engine failure, turbine failure, rotor failure, component defects
  • Pilot error
  • Maintenance negligence

Helicopters are used for shorter distance travel. A chopper crash may happen with an air taxi service, a sightseeing tour, transport to an oil rig or in other short-distance travel needs. Weather, maintenance, product safety, pilot training are all important considerations — just as in plane crashes.

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