What Caused the Plane Crash?

What caused the plane crash is never an easy question to answer. In many situations, there are multiple causes. Sorting through the facts takes experience and determination. At the Girardi | Keese law firm, our aviation law attorneys have both.

In 2006, according to the Airline Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), there were more than a quarter million small aircraft operating in the US. Small aircraft (4-, 6- and 8-seater crafts) provide flexible time schedules and landing options for private and business flyers.

Safety is improving, but plane crashes continue to injure and kill.

Over the past 50 years, small plane safety has increased dramatically, but product defects, poor maintenancepilot errors and other issues continue to cause aviation accidents. In 2005, there were 7.23 accidents per 100,000 hours flown — 1.37 fatal accidents per 100,000 hours — according to AOPA.

A range of problems need to be investigated and considered.

At the Girardi | Keese law firm, we have lawyers with extensive experience in aircraft accident investigation — and we have a network of experts who guide us through the technical issues. We also have the financial resources to do a thorough investigation and find any and all liable parties. When a plane crashes, there can be many reasons why:

  • The engine can fail due to poor design or poor maintenance.
  • Defective components including the auto pilot, instrument gauges or airframe can fail.
  • Bad decision making — in the air by the pilot and crew or on the ground by maintenance personnel — can cause a crash that cause a serious aviation injury or death.

When a Lear or Piper or another small plane crashes, all the reasons are not always immediately obvious. When our personal injury lawyers take a plane crash case, we work hard to find the answers. Answers can help survivors and families deal with what happened. Answers can also assure an appropriate and fair settlement or verdict in a lawsuit.

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