Crew Mistakes: Life and Death Decisions

An airplane or helicopter crew has important responsibilities. Their actions and decisions before and during a flight can be the difference between a safe flight and a fatal crash.

At the Girardi | Keese law firm, our attorneys use experts to determine the causes — all the causes — of aircraft disasters. If it’s a crews negligence, negligent maintenance, manufacturing design flaws or a combination, we have the resources and determination to get to the truth.

Crew negligence may be the answer, but not the only answer.

Manufacturers and maintenance companies often bring up pilot error and crew negligence in aircraft disaster investigations. That is often the fact. But we look for all reasons for airplane and helicopter crashes. Aviation injuries and wrongful death are devastating. Our lawyers and experts have the resources and determination to find every cause and hold all liable parties accountable.

Crew negligence can take many forms:

  • A pilot may decide to fly despite weather warnings or after misreading or misinterpreting weather information.
  • Bad landing decisions — landing with poor visibility, for example — can cause a fatal disaster.
  • Was the pilot certified for that type of aircraft? Did crew members have the appropriate training?
  • A decision that puts a flight schedule ahead of needed maintenance can cause disaster.
  • Was there any evidence of alcohol or drug use? Did a crew member have a medical problem?

It is essential in a lawsuit to know all the factors involved. Our trial lawyers do not stop investigating until we are certain we have the full story and that all liable parties have been identified. Crew negligence may be the whole story or a part of the disaster. We owe it to our clients to know the facts.

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