Fighting for Safety at Amusement Parks

An outing at Disneyland, a county fair or any of the amusement parks around the U.S. should be a day filled with fun and excitement. An amusement park injury, however, can turn a fun day into a nightmare. How often do amusement park injuries happen? What are the causes? How can they be stopped?

Our attorneys have asked those questions many times since we met a youngster named Brandon. Brandon was thrown from the Roger Rabbit ride at Disneyland in California. He was crushed under a car and suffered severe brain damage and a spinal cord injury that left him quadriplegic.

At Girardi | Keese, our personal injury lawyers have two objectives: getting fair compensation for our clients and improving safety standards so that tragic accidents like Brandon’s do not happen. Call 800-401-4530 or send us an email to discuss how we can help your family after an amusement park accident.

Getting to the truth means getting past a code of silence.

Amusement park injuries are rarely talked about, because park owners and operators do not want to explain how their rides work. Girardi | Keese trial lawyers, acting on behalf of Brandon and his family, sued Disneyland and demanded changes. We are also working to change the laws that apply to amusement park and fair rides.

  • The Roger Rabbit ride has new safety protocols. After Brandon was injured, OSHA stepped in and the unsafe ride was shut down for 10 months. The ride has new safety protocols, the park now has a paramedic on location, the ride track has sensors and ride operators know how to respond. It is too late for Brandon and his family, but their tragedy has led to important changes.
  • A parking lot tram accident caused a serious brain injury. A theme park tram took a tight turn going too fast. A woman was thrown from the tram and suffered a life-changing brain injury. The tram involved in this theme park accident had benches, no doors and no seat belts — no means of keeping passengers inside the car on sharp turns. When we began investigating, we found that this was not the first tram accident at the theme park.
  • Fair and carnival rides can be dangerous. The rides at county fairs, state fairs and carnivals are set up and taken down quickly. They are usually in town for a few days and then must move on to the next town. Mistakes occur in set up and tear down, parts are broken or missing and accidents happen. With little or no oversight, the result is often an unsafe ride.

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