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What’s at stake (in a nutshell):

At heart, federal lawmakers are gunning for the civil justice system.

A set of Republican-backed bills currently in debate all favor, in one way or another, the business and insurance industries.

These bills are fundamentally opposed to the rights and interests of any American who is injured (or whose loved one is killed) because of corporate wrongdoing, from dangerous pharmaceutical drugs to defective products. These bills will limit the rights of a seriously injured patient to fair compensation for lifelong injuries (in the form of limits on damages, no matter how bad the injuries are).

Federal lawmakers and the powerful industries that support these bills want Americans to believe that they are “protecting access to care,” and that lawyers do nothing but file frivolous lawsuits against deep pockets, and other such falsehoods, but let’s call a spade a spade.

The lawmakers and lobbyists are lying to you.

Tort reform legislation really does nothing but help those who need protection the least: Big Business, Big Insurance, etc.

It does nothing for average Americans.

Here’s one example: The last time we checked, states like Texas (which already have similar laws on the books) encourage incompetent neurosurgeons, who in no way should be practicing medicine, to operate on people regardless of the damage it causes to innocent victims and their families. (Look up the names Christopher Duntsch and Stefan Konasiewicz, both of whom tellingly chose Texas to “practice” medicine.)

Now lawmakers want to roll out this nonsense nationwide.

This should not stand.

We will not let it stand.

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Let’s flood our lawmakers’ offices with phone calls, letters, emails, you name it. At the least, share this post on social media. Under Trump and the Republican controlled Congress, it’s clear that our civil justice system is under attack, and it will continue to be under attack unless we make our voices heard.