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“There hasn’t been a storm like Irma to hit the US. Ever.” – CNN report

California wants to be on 100 percent renewable energy as we near 2050.

That might sound far off, but it’s only around 30 years, which is nothing from the earth science perspective – and given that California has an “energy appetite” that rivals Texas, as KQED reports, we will probably need all that time to get there.

On the other hand, given catastrophic weather events like Hurricane Irma, maybe 30 years is 30 years too long. Even if climate change turns out to be “fake news,” taking steps to protect the environment by moving to renewable energy might not be a bad idea, if only for the health of people breathing clean air, rather than smog.

Hurricane Irma is apparently the worst storm to hit the United States, as CNN reports, in the nation’s history. This makes Irma a pretty big deal.

Weather Facts on Hurricane Irma

CNN lays out some numbers in a timely infographic, which you can view through the preceding link. Here are some of them:

  • Irma was 65,000 square miles in size. To put this in perspective, that is as big as Florida itself – bigger even.
  • Irma was the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin area.
  • Irma blew winds around 185 mph for 37 hours – the longest time that has ever happened, since we’ve been taking these kinds of measurements.

CNN presents these “jaw-dropping” numbers and lets them speak for themselves. And lest we forget, Hurricane Harvey concluded on Sept. 2 – leaving billions of dollars of devastation in its wake and causing at least 70 deaths – ending just one week before Hurricane Irma came next.