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In 2014, Girardi | Keese attorneys Tom Girardi, Christopher T. Aumais, and Nicole DeVanon won a multimillion-dollar jury award for their client, Bryan Stow, after two fans severely beat him at Dodger Stadium. The jury agreed with Girardi | Keese that the Dodgers should not have cut back on security at Dodger Stadium; had they not, Stow likely would not have been so seriously and permanently injured.

In the next Dodger Stadium case, the security itself was the problem.

On Nov. 15, Girardi | Keese attorneys Christopher T. Aumais and Ashkahn Mohamadi won a $475,000 jury verdict for their client, Leonard Romo, who was injured by security guards during a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2009.

After Romo’s daughter was asked by security to turn her T-shirt inside out (security asserted that the language on her T-shirt was offensive), words were exchanged, and security guards overreacted by tackling, cuffing, and pulling Romo across the ground.

Romo has not been able to work since the incident.

Girardi | Keese is the nation’s MVP on stadium injury cases.

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With the $475K Dodger Stadium verdict in 2016, the multimillion-dollar Dodger Stadium verdict in 2014, and others, Girardi | Keese continues to be the “MVP” of negligence and premises liability cases involving sports stadiums.

As the Washington Post recently reported, fan violence has been a quietly escalating issue in the NFL for some time now. But it isn’t just an NFL problem. Nor is it just a Dodger Stadium problem. People get hurt in a variety of ways in sports stadiums and in the parking lots of stadiums across the country.

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