Employer Retaliation: No Bonus, No Raise, No Job

When big companies get in trouble, they often look for someone to blame. When they do, they retaliate.

The person punished by employer retaliation may be the one who reported racial discrimination or who documented a pattern of gender discrimination or who served as a corroborating witness in a gay discrimination lawsuit.

Girardi | Keese employment law attorneys have the experience it takes to document employer retaliation and explain to a jury what happened and why.

Employer retaliation is often in response to legal action.

Many of our employment law cases also include a retaliation element. Retaliation often convinces the jury that management knew their actions were wrong and retaliated against those who reported the actions. Results have shown management, even in court, often seems aloof and even tone deaf to the concerns of employees were harmed by discrimination and retaliation.

Employer retaliation can take many forms.

When Girardi | Keese lawyers present a claim of retaliation, the first element is demonstrating that client had every capability needed for the job — intelligence, background, experience, good evaluations. Then everything changed. This employee was now subjected to work harassment and a hostile workplace. There may be no raise, no bonus, no promotion. There may have been a retaliatory discharge.

When did this change toward the employee begin? It started with the employee’s involvement in an employment law claim against the employer. At Girardi | Keese, prepare a case for trial, and work to marshall the evidence to present an effective argument. To discuss a case of employer retaliation, contact us. We represent clients in California and nationwide.


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