The Law and the Reality of Gender Discrimination

When it comes to gender discrimination, employers know the law. They say the right words, but the “glass ceiling,” particularly in the private sector, often remains intact.

Gender discrimination usually affects women. Their opportunities are often limited for no reason except gender. Employers forget that the only question they should consider is: Can she do the job? The employment law attorneys at Girardi | Keese aggressively investigate and litigate sex discrimination cases.

Do the employer’s actions support the words?

When our lawyers investigate gender discrimination cases, Girardi | Keese looks beyond what employers say about hiring and promotion to see what they do. Employers may have policies in place and they may talk about fairness, but what do their actions show?

  • In many cases, the employer decides to hire or promote a specified number of women to give a perception of fairness.
  • Often a pattern that emerges over time. As levels rise, promotions and raises go increasingly to men in a manner that keeps women at a lower level.

‘We can’t do that; we’ll be sued.’

Those are words that reflect an understanding of the law. It means that the employer is aware of the law and knows that there are lawyers who will challenge employers if they systematically practice gender discrimination. Girardi | Keese looks forward to the day when there is no glass ceiling — no arbitrary limit to what women are allowed to achieve.

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