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If someone drives drunk and kills or seriously injures another person in a crash – a brother, mother, daughter, what have you – you’d expect the driver to get years and years behind bars. Occasionally that happens. But it often doesn’t happen that way at all.

So it was in the case of the teen afflicted with “affluenza” who drove drunk and killed four people.

This case made headlines in 2013 when Texan Ethan Couch, drunk and speeding, killed four people on the side of the road. Police said the scene looked more like a plane crash than it did a car wreck, per the Washington Post.

In his defense, Couch’s lawyers argued “affluenza,” as it was dubbed – wherein Couch was apparently too rich to understand right from wrong, that his family’s wealth affected his decision to get behind the wheel drunk. In court, witnesses testified that the Golden Rule did not prevail in the Couch household – the Couch family made the rules, apparently. Not the other way around.

In short, Couch as a 16-year-old couldn’t take responsibility for his actions, based on his family’s wealth and apparently the way he’d been raised.

Couch was released today after having served roughly two years behind bars for a probation violation (drinking alcohol). Couch had previously served 180 days, per the report, for intoxication manslaughter. His probation violation led to more jail time.

Today he goes free.

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