Demanding Accountability for Professional Negligence

We all depend to some extent on people who are professionals licensed to provide specialized services. We count on doctors, lawyers, accountants, insurance brokers, architects and engineers to give us the services and information we need.

What happens when a professional, through negligence (malpractice), causes physical and/or financial harm? At Girardi | Keese, we have more than 40 years of experience representing clients who have been harmed by professional negligence, and helping them recover compensation. Call 800-401-4530 or send us an email to learn how we can help you.

Professional negligence can cause serious financial damages.

We are licensed professionals at Girardi | Keese, and we expect to be held to high standards. When we hear of licensed professionals who take advantage of clients for personal gain or simply because of professional negligence, we are prepared to seek accountability.

  • “Hollywood accounting” can rob participants of income they earned. In the movie business, when projects with participation lose money, that may be a sign that the books have been manipulated to avoid paying participants. Our law firm uses experts to investigate the numbers and find hidden profits.
  • Corporate scams usually involve cooked books. Accounting mistakes are the result of either negligence by the accountant or deliberate misstating of the facts. In either case, those who suffer financial harm can sue for professional negligence or CPA malpractice.
  • When you need the insurance, the truth comes out. Insurance brokers are anxious to sell policies and get the premiums, but in some cases they simply don’t do the work necessary to assure the policy covers what they said it would. For the policyholder, the security they thought they had paid for is not there when they need it most.
  • Attorneys should exercise professional responsibility. When a lawyer fails to file legal documents in a timely fashion, the client can lose rights because of statutes of limitation. Legal malpractice can also occur when a lawyer does not advise a client of rights or fails to pursue a course of action agreed to by the client.

Our law firm also handles complex medical malpractice cases and birth injury cases that involve medical negligence. We work with experts to prove construction defects that are the result of engineer and/or architect professional negligence.

Professional negligence cases often involve a great many documents and technical details. We have the knowledge, experience and network of experts necessary to build an effective case. Contact us for an appointment. We represent clients in California and nationwide.


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