Drawing the Line Against Libel and Slander

A good name and a solid reputation are valuable. Libel and slander can destroy the equity built over a career and a lifetime. In today’s world of instant communication, libel and slander travel farther and faster than ever before — and the damages are higher than ever.

You have a right to the good name you have established. When large companies and powerful people destroy a good name, they should be held financially and morally accountable. At the Girardi | Keese law firm, our attorneys represent people who are victims of libel and slander.

Powerful people use media access for slander.

Our client’s book idea was rejected, but then the publisher announced the same idea with a different author — an author married to a celebrity. The celebrity used a talk show appearance to slander our client. We filed a lawsuit against the celebrity.

We protect the right to privacy and the right to publicity.

Certain information is designated as private. When a database theft of financial or health information, for example, results in an invasion of privacy, the thief and the owner of the database can be held accountable for the damages.

Who has the right to use the names and images of famous people? Our law firm has represented individuals and families whose loved ones have been used by businesses without permission.

If you want to discuss a case involving libel, slander, privacy rights or publicity rights, contact us. We represent clients in California and nationally.


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