Stopping the Theft of Original Work

To realize the full value of a copyright, the rights must be protected. Unfortunately, there are people and companies that see something they like and simply take it with no regard for the writer, artist or designer.

That is copyright infringement and it is wrong — legally and morally. The IP litigation lawyers at Girardi | Keese know that fighting back can cost more than most individuals and small businesses can afford. We are proud to offer clients intellectual property litigation on a contingency basis — clients pay attorney’s fees only if we win.

When its fabric designs showed up in retail outlets, the company wondered why.

A small garment district company developed fabric design for clothing. They put a catalog of designs on a CD-ROM and offered the designs for sale. Major retailers liked the designs and used them — without paying for them. As the designs showed up in Wal-Mart and other retail outlets, the small company wanted to sue, but how can a small company go up against big retailers?

Girardi | Keese took the case on contingency and obtained a favorable settlement. The small company finally realized the value of their designs.

Pitching a book, TV show or movie can result in stolen ideas.

In Los Angeles, New York and other entertainment and publishing centers, ideas are recognized as valuable, copyrighted property. At Girardi | Keese, our lawyers have handled many cases of TV, movie and publishing ideas that were seemingly rejected and then turned up later — without regard to the owner of the copyright.

In a recent case, an author pitched a book to a New York publisher. The idea was rejected. A year later, the same publisher came out with the book but with a different author — the wife of a celebrity. The publisher and the celebrity have lots of lawyers, but the author came to Girardi | Keese. Our IP litigation attorneys took the case on contingency — the way we take all of our cases.

Copyrights cannot and should not be infringed upon. Only the owner can sell the rights. Contact us about a copyright infringement case. We represent clients in California, New York and nationally.


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