Protecting Your Intellectual Property

For a business or an individual, intellectual property can be a valuable asset. Authors, inventors, scriptwriters, artists, songwriters and other creative people have rights to their creations. But when someone else does not respect copyrights or patents and coopts intellectual property, it can be expensive to fight back — unless you hire the right law firm.

How do you choose an IP lawyer?

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Areas of Focus in Intellectual Property

Taking IP Cases on a Contingency Basis

Girardi | Keese is one of the few law firms in the country that will handle intellectual property lawsuits on a contingency basis. Our attorneys know that individuals and small businesses usually do not have the extensive funds that would be necessary for IP litigation.

Our law firm has the resources needed for intellectual property lawsuits, and our lawyers are proud that we can offer our services on a contingency basis for clients dealing with copyright disputes, patent infringement, licensing agreement disputes, trademark violations and other IP issues.

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Consult with an experienced trial lawyer about intellectual property disputes. We represent individuals and businesses in California and nationwide in select cases.


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