What If the Insurance Company Changes the Rules?

A policyholder may pay premiums for years, believing that the coverage will be there when needed. Over the years, the insurance company may never raise a question about the initial application or request for insurance — from the time of application until the day the coverage is needed.

That is when some companies use insurance rescission — they void a policy provision that has been in place for a long time. Insurance rescission — or post-claims underwriting — can be illegal in California, but it still happens. When it does, the attorneys at the Girardi | Keese law firm are prepared to take the steps needed to make sure an insurance company plays by the rules.

Insurance rescission changes the policy after the fact, even years later.

Where is the insurance when you need it? By using rescission, the coverage you thought you had simply disappears. Girardi | Keese lawyers have handled many cases involving denial of coverage.

After many years with the same health insurer, a woman was diagnosed with cancer. Her claim was denied because of a mistake the insurer claimed was made years before at the time of application. The alleged error concerned the woman’s husband’s health history, not hers. Our lawyers fought back and won.

When insurance companies change the rules, when they search for reasons, however obscure and irrelevant, to deny a claim, our lawyers want to know about it. When insurance coverage disputes are challenged aggressively in court, insurers get the message that they need to live up to their promises.

Insurance bad fait undermines the value of insurance — to give policyholders peace of mind. Contact us to discuss a case involving rescission or any other type of insurance bad faith. Our law firm represent clients throughout California.


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