Was the Insurance Investigation Complete?

Was the insurance company’s goal to understand the claim and come to a fair settlement? Or were they simply looking for a reason to deny the claim?

The insurance company has an obligation by law to do a complete, thorough and prompt investigation of claims. In our experience, insufficient investigation is often involved in claim denials. At the Girardi | Keese law firm, we represent people who have been the victims of insufficient investigation by the insurance company.

Our attorneys are veterans of insurance claim litigation.

Girardi | Keese lawyers know the law and we help our clients make insurance companies follow the law and do what is right for policyholders. When a company denies a claim after an insufficient investigation, we question the reason for the claim denial.

Most policyholders are not experts in insurance law. The insurance companies know that and take advantage of policyholders. When questioned about insufficient investigation, the company will insist it did everything necessary to come to a fair conclusion. Too often, they did what they needed to do to reach the conclusion they wanted — claim denial.

Claim denial means the insurance company does not have to write a check. By doing an insufficient investigation, the company’s employees or agents often fail to look at all possible circumstances that support paying the claim. Sometimes there may even be an added incentive — a bonus to employees who deny claims.

We represent policyholders in insurance coverage disputes.

At Girardi | Keese, we are never on the side of the insurance company. They have plenty of lawyers. We are on the side of the policyholder. Contact us to discuss a case of insurance bad faith. We represent clients throughout California.


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