Insurance Denials and Delays: What Can Be Done?

In our decades of representing injured people, we have notice an increase in insurance coverage denial. Insurance companies come up with a lot of reasons for coverage denial, but they often add up to one issue — insurance bad faith.

People buy insurance coverage for peace of mind. What can be done about a denied insurance claim? At the Girardi | Keese law firm, we can examine the facts and determine if there is a basis for a legal claim. Our trial lawyers have the resources to take valid legal claims to court.

Paying claims means less profit for the insurance company.

Delay and denial are two tactics insurance companies use to keep money in their pockets and out of the pockets of those they insured. They make promises to be there when you need them — and then, too often, they make excuses about why they cannot be there when the policyholder needs them most.

Denial of coverage is a chance the company takes.

Many policyholders simply do not have the time, money or energy it takes to fight back against coverage denial. They need to move on with their lives — for example, find another place to live after a devastating house fire or find another way to pay for necessary health treatment (or go without). The company is betting they won’t be able to fight back.

At Girardi | Keese, our attorneys have the financial resources, the trial experience and the determination to deal with insurance disputes and stand up for individuals against insurance companies who unfairly deny or delay valid claims.

Slow payment of claims is another type of denial.

When you make a claim, you can and should expect a quick resolution. Insurance companies are required to assess the claim and pay quickly. However, the companies often make excuses for long delays — not enough information, questions about coverage. By delaying a claim, they win two ways: the money stays in their hands longer, and the policyholder may be willing to accept a lower settlement.

Insurance companies have lawyers who help them find ways to deny and delay claims. It is difficult for an individual policyholder to stand up against a big company and a team of lawyers. At the Girardi | Keese law firm, we work to even the odds. We are always on the side of plaintiffs, the people who have been harmed by wrongful denials and slow payments.

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