Did Homeowners Insurance Protect Your Home?

Homeowners insurance is an essential purchase. It protects the homeowner against unforeseen events. Homeowners insurance buys peace of mind for the policyholder.

But what if the unforeseen happens, and the insurance company fails to meet its obligations? When that happens, the insurance company will have plenty of lawyers on their side. The policyholder needs an attorney who will stand up to the insurance company. At the Girardi | Keese law firm, our litigation attorneys have always been on the side of plaintiffs, never on the side of the insurance company.

When the insurance company doesn’t do its job, contact a lawyer.

It is the insurance company’s job, their contractual obligation, to compensate you for damages to your home. If a home was robbed, if a furnace exploded, if there was a fire that destroyed the home, was the insurance company there to timely and thoroughly investigate your claim and pay the money needed to make you whole again? A house fire was ruled an arson. The insurance company failed to defend the policyholder, failed to do a thorough investigation, and failed to pay the homeowner’s claim. Our trial lawyers held the insurance company accountable for its decisions. The homeowner was not responsible for the fire and the claim was paid.

The insurance company holds all the cards.

In a game against a homeowner, the insurance company has the money and makes the rules. They often decide “no” without a real investigation and without any concern for the homeowner and the family living in the home.

The home was insured for $400,000. The deductible on claims was 10 percent. When the homeowner had a claim for $10,000, the insurance company said the deductible would be $40,000 — 10 percent of total available coverage rather than 10 percent of the claim. Our law firm took the company to court and won on behalf of many homeowners.

In insurance coverage disputes, the trial lawyers at Girardi | Keese stand up in court on the side of the homeowner and remind the insurance company of their contractual obligations. We represent clients throughout California who may need someone on their side when their insurance carrier has let them down.


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