Fighting Against Monopolies and Trade Restraints

Yes, a small business can succeed and grow. But when big businesses decide to shut out the competition, it can be difficult for a small business to fight back. The big corporation has lawyers — armies of them.

At the Girardi|Keese law firm, our antitrust attorneys are on the side of small businesses — and we have the resources and determination to fight. We have negotiated and litigated antitrust matters against some of the biggest companies in the world. Contact us to discuss your unfair competition case.

We level the playing field with contingency-based litigation.

Big companies know that small businesses simply do not have the financial resources to pay hourly fees to experienced antitrust litigation lawyers. Because a small business cannot put up a strong fight, they may become victims of illegal business practices such as:

  • A large corporation can afford to cut prices below cost for a period of time — and leave a smaller company with higher prices and fewer customers.
  • A major manufacturing company may pressure suppliers into only selling to the larger company, leaving small manufacturers scrambling for raw materials.
  • A big corporation might appropriate the intellectual property of another company without an agreement or compensation.

We welcome contacts from business lawyers concerned about their clients or from small business owners and managers who are facing unfair competition. We represent clients in California and nationwide.


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