Great Trial Lawyers Make For Great Business Lawyers

What matters is protecting your business from harm and solving problems that are currently causing it harm. What this means is that business owners, entrepreneurs and executives need legal counsel that can accomplish three important tasks:

  1. Structuring and negotiating ventures or projects in a way that sets them up for success;
  2. Creating processes and agreements that prevent business disputes from arising; and
  3. Solving any business disputes that do arise via negotiated settlement or in a court of law.

That is why great trial lawyers make for great business lawyers – a trial lawyer can both anticipate and resolve the problems most likely to confront your business.

Whether you need to structure your venture for success, prevent a problem or solve one, put your legal burden into the hands of a Los Angeles law firm with more than 40 years of history behind it.

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Antitrust: Fighting for Your Small Business Against Unfair Competition

We fight against monopolies and trade restraints, helping your small business to succeed and grow in the face of unfair competition. We have negotiated and litigated antitrust cases against some of the largest corporations in the world.

Insurance Law: Fighting for the Compensation You Paid For

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses. Just like any other business, making a profit is crucial to success. But sometimes the profit-making goal leads insurance companies to pay partial claims that do not fully reimburse you for your losses, or even deny the claim entirely. We see insurance bad faith as a moral problem – you did not get what you paid for.

Intellectual Property: Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

The protection and defense of your intellectual property – copyrights, patents, trade secrets – can mean everything to your success as an artist, business owner, entrepreneur, or executive. Some of our clients wear all of these hats. Knowing that IP litigation can be very expensive, we are one of the few law firms in the nation that accepts select cases on a contingency fee.

Professional Negligence: Helping People Harmed by Substandard Service

We place our trust in licensed service professionals, from doctors and lawyers to brokers and accountants. That trust is often broken. When it is broken, the result of professional negligence might be significant financial loss or personal injury or both.


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